High performance grout additives, sealants and cleaners

Products reduce project time and costs

Expanding product applications

H2O Barrier Technologies or “the Company” is the developer of an innovative collection of highly effective, easy-to-use construction and home renovation products under the aquaTIGHT® brand. The Company partners with brand owners to develop unique chemical technologies that address specific construction market needs. The Company’s products include: grout additives, grout sealers, and grout cleaners. aquaTIGHT® products are environmentally friendly, reduce project times, and solve long-term material protection needs. The Company’s products were developed for use in hard surface sealing applications, especially for durable surfaces, including: tile, stone, grout, cement, and concrete. In consumer product lines, H2O Barrier Technologies is working to convert current products into powder additives, which can be easily added to cement and grout during the manufacturing process and marketed to major cement and grout manufacturers worldwide.

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Company Background and Mission

H2O Barrier Technologies LLC was founded to develop and market solutions for sealing surfaces using a non-toxic waterproof sealant and grout protector. The company is comprised of marketing and communication executives, material scientists, contract packagers, and market representatives to support the commercialization of new technologies. While the Company primarily sells products under the aquaTIGHT® brand name, management also works to develop private label products for business partners. The Company will continue to achieve market penetration through product innovation and strategic partnerships.

value proposition graphic of aquaTIGHT® products

High Performance Construction Chemical Products

  • Easy to use and easy to clean up
  • Fast drying and time saving application
  • Low/no odor
  • Won’t compromise strength of materials
  • Powder cement/grout additive will significantly reduce efflorescence