1. How To Choose The Right Tile Type

    When you install new tile in a home or business, one thing you will want to consider is what types of tile are more prone to staining and suffering quickly under the weight of normal wear and tear. When it comes to types of tile, the options are nearly limitless. However, not all tile types are appropriate for every application. Not only do you need to carefully select the appropriate tile type ac…Read More

  2. What You Need To Know About Low VOC Content

    When it comes to choosing the right grout sealer for your next project, there are numerous variables to consider. From the quality of the sealer to the amount of dry time it will add to your project, our goal at H2O Barrier Technologies is to provide the perfect sealer for grout. We carefully considered each one of these variables when we engineered our unique line of products. Beyond the basics, …Read More

  3. Welcome, From Your Grout Experts

    Welcome to the official aquaTIGHT® blog. We are excited to use this space to share resources, information, knowledge, and the latest in industry news. As your experts in grout sealers, grout protectors, and grout additives, our goal is to help you with everything from DIY at home projects to larger scaled ventures. No matter what you are trying to seal with grout, we have the solution for you. St…Read More