let me tell of my experience with “Doctor Harry”

Hey Aqua Tight people,

Apologize for the delay getting back you you all regarding your products and the solution to my issues. However, I need to tell my story and you can share as/if you feel appropriate;

My wife and I decided it was time to invest in a re-do of our aster bathroom. We had a step-in soaker tub that had been installed when the house was new in 1992, a 32″ shower stall, single bowl vanity, you know 1992 cool, 2016 UGLY.

Contracted to have a 5′ tile shower built, shower tower with jets, wand, and rain-shower, new 5′ vanity with marble top & double basin sink. You know, the whole magilla. Things get moving along real well until we get to the Ceramic Tile for the main shower walls & floor. Bought some, what we thought was, beautiful medium gray 12×24″ tiles fro the fabulous Home Depot* (note for warning below).

Contractor installs these tiles and we let the dry overnight. The following day we notice, only in certain light angles, what appears to be a smear on the tile surface. We go through hell for about 3 days cleaning, trying to scrub it off, trying to seal it over, everything that the tile-store** (Not Home Depot) folks can think of with no success. Finally the owner of a small tile store near our home gets this “Aqua-Tight” stuff out and says you might want to try this.

Now that I have set the ground work, let me tell of my experience with “Doctor Harry” and the magnificent emulsion!!

Dr Harry is the CEO of Aqua-tight and what & how does he care about my little bathroom product? I’ll tell you how much he cares. He personally responds to my e-mail inquiry, we have several phone conversation and more e-mail exchanges. Pictures of what we have are sent, back & forth and FINALLY Harry says, here’s what we have used in similar situations with some imported tiles. Take the cleaner, mix it with Baking Soda into a pasty substance, apply it with 0000 Steel Wool pad in the direction of the grain of the tile finish.

Attached you will see the final, non-streaked, wonderfully finished product ONLY due to Dr Harry and his care & concern. I regret that this is the last tie I will be doing a project of this magnitude, but as a Real Estate Broker, I CAN tell you that anyone & everyone I talk to will know about the product, the service and this company.

Thanks Harry,

Bob F.